One-to-One photography training

If group classes are not for you or if you would like to cover specific aspects of photography (such as product photography, food photography, post processing etc.) then we can set up one or more one-to-one training sessions which are totally bespoke based on your current skill set and your needs.

The training session can take place in your own home if you are local to St Albans or if you are unable to travel we can also do the session over Skype.

For beginners and hobbyists, a 2-hour bespoke session costs £149 (weekday/daytime only). Please contact me to have a chat about your requirements and set up a convenient date and time for our session.

If you are a professional photographer looking to improve your photography skills or get some business advice and mentoring, please visit my professional mentoring page.

Gift certificate for photography lessons

You can purchase a gift voucher for a one-to-one beginners and hobbyists session using the form below:


Gift Certificate Type