Introduction to Flash Photography


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Sometimes, there just isn’t enough ambient light to capture a scene the way we want to. That’s where a flashgun comes in very handy, adding extra light when you need it. By controlling the power and the direction of the light, you can make the result look very natural and capture special moments.

This 2-hour class is aimed at those who feel intimidated by their flash and would like to be able to shoot in all lighting conditions, including family reunions, birthday parties, Christmas morning, discos etc.

For this class you must be familiar with the concepts of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO and able to shoot in manual mode. You will also need a flash which attaches to the top of your camera and can swivel in different directions.

My recommendation for an inexpensive flash is the Yongnuo ETTL flash which is compatible with your DSLR. Simply Google “Yongnuo ETTL flash” followed by your camera model to find the right one for you. I own a Yongnuo flash myself and it is just as good as my Nikon one for a fraction of the price.

Price: £69. Classes are limited to 4 participants.

Location: Marshalswick, St Albans
All classes take place in the evening 8pm-10pm, you can select your preferred date from the drop down above.

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Mon 20th Jan 11am-1pm, Mon 20th Jan 8pm-10pm, Tue 21st Jan 11am-1pm, Tue 21st Jan 8pm-10pm, Thu 6th Feb 11am-1pm, Mon 10th Feb 11am-1pm